beach, observatory, and little tokyo...

**hermosa beach, los angeles, ca
for the third day, i planned a relaxing start for the day by going to the beach.  i was hoping that the kids would have fun swimming but it was a bit cold.  we just decided to walk around the pier area and watched the surfers.

after the beach, we went to the the griffith observatory and park.  if you've seen the movie rebel without a cause with james dean, this place would remind you of one of the scenes from that movie.  like the statue of liberty for ny, this place is synonymous to los angeles.

for late lunch, we decided to go to little tokyo.  it was the weekend and most restaurants were packed.  i don't remember the name of the restaurant we went since the kids were already complaining. oh how i love vacationing with the kids...

**jo, sis, em, mom @ hermosa beach, los angeles, ca

**lifeguard station, hermosa beach, los angeles, ca

**hermosa beach, los angeles, ca

**mural on the dome of the griffith observatory, los angeles, ca

**griffith observatory, los angeles, ca

**chicken bento box for dom

**mini sushi platter for me


  1. oh no! you a day two already and i haven't started with mine yet. Naniningil na ang isang follower ko. :)

    1. ooops. sorry. the word "have" is missing.

    2. lol. better work on it girl. :)



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