i've been framed...

does anyone still use picture frame now-a-days??  maybe it's just me but i am a sucker for simple nice things.  and this 4x4 kenar home picture frame was just irresistible for me not to to buy it.  and i have an idea what to showcase here...


  1. Thank you for your lovely visit Mike. What a super buy, I love using lots of different styled frames all over the house for little snaps and photographs. Get them off your laptop and into a frame. We rarely see photographs we take as much as we used to, as we keep them all locked up digitally. Free your photos, buy a frame:)

  2. It's okay. My friend said I was weird because it makes me happy when someone gives me picture frames. She said it was the most lame gift and I said I really love it.

    1. i use to give pictures to my co-worker's for the holidays and they love it.



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