christmas tree 2013

woke up this morning very early so that i can buy the tree.  i do not like the stare of people while i haul the tree on a cart.  i'm lucky that i live near a place where during the holiday, a pop-up shop sells christmas tree.  it beats the hassle of tying the tree on top of your car or worst, shoving it inside your car - which i did a few years ago when i had an SUV - and trying to remove the needles afterwards.  

anyway, i drag my sister along to help me decide.  i told her that i would prefer something smaller but more plump.  as soon as we get to the shop, she saw this plump tree but it was tall.  we tried to look around but we ended up buying the huge tall tree.

after setting the christmas lights, it was time to decorate...and this year, i opted for a DIY decoration using vintage holiday cards i bought on ebay - all 100++ of them, and plenty of glitters (click here for my post about this)

**it's all about circles this year...

**these are all vintage holidays cards bought on ebay from a collector...



  1. Oh no. I am not done trimming the tree yet.

    Your tree is really lovely.

    1. my mom saw it and she wanted to put more decorations. she said it was too boring. LOL!!!

  2. Very unique! Gondo! Bka gusto ng mom mo yung may angels angels pa

  3. ang cute ng decor... i might do the same... hmmnnn....

    1. it was a lot of work but it was all worth it...

  4. Ang astig! hahahah, ang ganda sa mata. Esp with the light on.



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