the blogger MEME...

i was browsing from one blog to another when i saw a self question and answer post by one of bloggers and suggested that other bloggers should follow they always say, when nature calls...

what you like most about being a blogger?

not really a big fan of writing in general but for some reason, blogging makes me want to write.

how many bloggers have you met?

this might be surprising but i've met only two (2) bloggers so far.  and i met them not as a blogger at first but in some other ways.

do you ever go back and read your old entries?

every now and then, i do try to read old post especially if i want to link it to a current post....for continuity.

do you share your job skills here?

not that i am aware.  

have you changed your views about anything thanks to blogging?

(trying to think really hard)  i don't think so.

do your coworkers know about your blog?

yes, but i do not share the name of my blog nowadays.  i remember telling one of my coworkers about my blog a few years ago and i had a feeling it had too much information for my coworker to know about me personally - this was when i first started blogging way way back.  also, funny thing is that one of two bloggers i met was also a coworker.  he stopped blogging sometime in 2008 i believe.

what advice would you give for successful blogging?

as long as you enjoy blogging, whether you have a follower or not, for me, that is successful.

what is your opinion of aardvarks?

when i finally meet one, i'll let you know.

do you publish everything you write?

nope.  a few months ago, i remember writing something that never made to this blog.  after i read it a few times, i figured it was too personal that someday, i might regret that i publish it.

if you could make "three rules" for blogging, what would they be?

1# try to be courteous to other bloggers even if you don't like their blog.

2# there should be an "out of office" type setting when a blogger is going on hiatus....just saying.

3# promote world peace LOL!!!!

do people help you write your blog?

a blog ghostwriter?  i can't afford one so what you see is all me...

who are your blogger super-heroes?

everyone that i follow, who follows me, and who post comments on my blog are my blogger super-heroes (trying to be politically correct)

final question (if you dare!):

have you slept with any of your fellow bloggers?

yes i dare...and my answer is no.  


  1. "what is your opinion of aardvarks?"

    Super random. Kinailangan ko pang mag-Google. Hahaha

  2. thank you for playing along; I am honored that you did so!

  3. i have never met any bloggers i met online.

    bring ants if you plan to meet an aardvark in the future. yum! ehehe.

  4. I totally agree with u , as long as you enjoy blogging khit walng follower or views ! Blog pa rin ng blog!



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