as most of you know, i am very active when it comes to running.  i try to run 4-5 miles (about 6-8 km) every tuesday and thursday with my running club.  it's very surprising that i am more athletic at this stage of my life compared to when i was.....well, i was never into sports lets just it leave to that.

this past saturday, 12/21, Nike NYC had a special run on the day considered to be the darkest night of the year.  there were over 100 participants, who started  from different branches of Nike in the big apple, ending in a "secret" location.  

**the 8:30 min pace taking a break at times square...


**some nike freebies...
nike is introducing some of their new running gear...  

oh how i wish i can own the nike allover flash running jacket.  it would be cool to be running at night.  now would anyone be willing to donate 500 bucks??  yes, that's how much the jacket cost.


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