got my first NUTcracker....

its been a yearly tradition that my mom's cousin invite us to their house during christmas day....lots of friends, relatives, and plenty of food.  but what amazes every year is that my aunt goes all out in decorating her house.
**my eldest niece jo trying to avoid getting her picture taken...always!!!

one of the very prominent display throughout the house were nutcrackers.  the size varies from miniature size to large than life.  my sister and i decided to count the total of nutcrackers on display.  we counted 27 in total all over the house and we were told that there's more.  i fell in love instantly on the idea.  so, after work today, i got myself my very first nutcracker....#jealous...perhaps but why not...  :)

**ugly sweater nutcracker from cb2 

**it's tall - about 16.5 inches


  1. i have 4 and 2 ornaments.

    I like the colors of your nutcracker.

    1. thanx. i like the colour combination as well.

  2. cute... this reminds me of my childhood...

  3. Replies
    1. it is a very ugly sweater but i like it.



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