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**my Nike RUNNYC family...discussions inside central park

as most of you already know, i am part of a running club here in NYC.  i've been running with the Nike Running Club for about 3-4 years now.  most of my running buddies are marathon runners or training for a marathon.  one of our female runner is actually representing Nepal in this years Asian Games - imagine that.  but there's a few of us who just run because we love to run.  the club is our second family.

this past weekend, the facebook page of my running club became very active.  everyone started having a discussion of changes being made within the club.  one of them is that in order for anyone who wants to run on a specific day, you must register otherwise you are on your own.  yes, you read it right, you must RSVP otherwise better luck next time.  crazy right??

this past tuesday, rep from Nike came to a town hall meeting type gathering to discuss about the change.  one of the rep mentioned that they interviewed members of the club a few months ago.  my friend jamie and i looked at each because neither one of us were interview.  both us were consistent on our weekly runs even during the winter time when the number of runners tend to be smaller.  we both knew that it was a #lie.  it was suppose to be a Q&A meeting but it was more of Q but no A.  we figured that the changes were a done deal already.  there was suppose to be a town hall meeting again tonight but the reps cancelled - surprise surprise.

it was a heavy feeling while we run tonight knowing that this maybe the last time we, the nike running club, will be running together not as a team or a club but as a family.  we know that we will bump into each other during the races here in NY or anywhere in the world but still, it different when you run with family.  


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