weekend getaway...

one of my running buddies decided to have a small weekend bbq party this past weekend.  joyce, a friend and a fellow runner, took the metro north train from NYC grand central to bridgeport, connecticut - it's about an hour and half ride.

**almost forgot that residential spaces outside the city are big...

**loft spaces equals big dance space... 
**my friend joyce - life imitating art.  she does not like the taxidermy..and there about 4 of them..


  1. Just looking at the picture, I thought it's a commercial space.

    ..and the last photo is funny. Hehehe. I do not like those kinds as an interior decor too. I think it's scary and not necessary. Ano kaya if it's the other way around at tayo naman ang ginawang ganyan ng mga animals? :(

    1. his place used to be a factory turned into a loft. trying to imagine the cost if this place is located in NYC....

      in regards to his collection of taxidermy, jamie and i had a feeling that he probably had shrunken heads in his bedroom...JOKING!! :)



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