weekend trip to raleigh...

last weekend, my friend and i - well it was more of an "i" - drove from nyc to north carolina to a attend a former co-worker/friend's wedding.  it was basically an 8 hrs drive - non-stop - one way.  i would have prefer to fly but my friend - who is also a former co-worker - was not really into taking the big bird.  so, it was no-brainer that it we will have a roadtrip.

**wall art along the street of raleigh, north carolina

**sunny's diner, raleigh, north carolina

**my friend jenna who was excited to eat breakfast.  who knew that anything outside NYC is cheap!!!

**wall art along the street of raleigh, north carolina

**everything was walking distance...

**lilly's pizza...highly recommended.  jenna got plain pizza with mozzarella cheese; i got pepperoni, mozzarella, fresh mushrooms, and black olives.. 

**(l-r) abby; dana (bride); jenna, and some randon guy :)...former co-workers...


  1. Nice pics. Thanks for sharing. I would have shared your pizza instead of your friend's. :-)



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