more balls...

christmas is just a few weeks away and i am feeling the pressure of my motif for the tree this year.  it sucks that my creative juices is not working - i do not why.  i guess i am just going to wing it.  i am definitely using what i have in storage and as mr. tim gun (of project runaway) would say, "make it work".

in the meantime, i got these lovely paper mache holiday balls this weekend to add to my collection.  it will definitely add color to the tree this year :)

**balls from homegoods...


  1. I have collected assortments of decors all these years, and I have stick to red and gold as much as possible, so I will not have a headache what motif to choose for the next year.

    By the way, I love your balls.

    Wait. That sounds inappropriate. Hahahaha

    1. i don't mind, i like my balls as well.

      ok, that does make me sound sleazy....ewwww


  2. Paper Mache? Those balls look a lot harder than they actually are!

  3. I love the design. I missed putting up a christmas tree in our home. its my favorite time of the year. Kaso since we had dogs in the house we didnt bother anymore. for sure kasi guguluhin lang nila



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