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**dr. oliver sacks, 1961, photo credit: douglas white.  cover of his autobiography "on the move" to be published in May 2015...
while watching the news earlier today, they mentioned the name of one of my favorite authors, dr. oliver sacks.  based on the news, he has a terminal cancer.

i went straight to my tweeter account since i follow him.  this was the the first thing i saw:

**click on the pix for the NY Times story.
i was first introduce to the works of dr. sacks during my college years.  we had to read a few of his stories from the book "the man who mistook his wife for a hat".  this was for my english class so i was surprised that the stories relates to neurological disorders.  in any case, his stories about his patients intrigue me.  so after the semester, i finished the whole book and started reading his other books.  yes, the stories can be a drag when it becomes more clinical but that's the great part about it, he made it more understandable.

i bet you that you know dr. sacks.  the name might not sound familiar but if you've seen the move "awakenings", you already know who he is.  dr. sacks was played by the late robin williams with robert de niro as one of the patients.

an interview of dr. sacks:

"at first sight" is another movie based on one of the stories from dr. sacks book "to see or not to see" with val kilmer and mira sorvino.


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