it was unseasonably warm today in NY.  the temperature went up to 81 degrees.  a lot of people went out and soak up the sun after months and months of cold weather.  i was one of them and managed to do an 8 miles run - my longest run so far since the beginning of this year.

with the warm temp, expect to see the #crazies coming out as well...

**doesn't she remind you of the bird lady from home alone???
she is actually NOT a crazy bird lady.  she is an artist and this was her active exhibit...or lack thereof since the birds are not real.

just gotta love NYC with it's eccentric people...


  1. also reminds me of the bird lady from "mary poppins".

    those birds are not real? could have fooled me; they look like real pigeons!

    I think all big cities have their share of "crazies"; mine is no exception.

    1. at first, i almost step on one thinking it would just fly away...glad it didn't happen otherwise i would have to pay for it...

  2. Love this photo, Mike.

    8 mile run? Wow! I was panting when I was biking 8 miles with the mister!

    1. thanks. i try to capture the "craziness" :)

      luckily it was half full run and the half was on the local street where there are traffic lights...so got some break every now and then to catch my breath...

  3. Replies
    1. yup. and that's a bird's nest on her hair... #crazy LOL!!!



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