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i must admit, the only apple related product i ever purchased were the ipods.  when everyone was buying iphone, i went with samsung.  when the ipad came out, i opted for a no name brand for my tablet.  and now with this apple watch being the new "it" toy, i got myself a tomtom.

**my new gadget...
currently when i run, i use my cellphone to track my activity using the nike running app.  as a recreational runner, it serves me well...until recently.

for the past few weeks now, my CP tend to pausing the app.  not sure why but it's becoming a nuisance especially if i want to track my runs.  also, there are days that i do local runs (i.e. running in the streets of manhattan) where there are traffic lights in every corner.  raising my arm (an armband holds my CP) can be annoying.

this past week, i saw this tomtom gps watch in ebay.  the current bid was reasonable and i figured it will be less than buying in an actual sport store.

anyway, sunday came (the final day to bid) and let's just say i outbid someone by a dollar or two on the last few seconds.  the price is still under the market value which was great.

got the watch just this afternoon and i'm liking it.  now i can enjoy my runs...

before i forget, i did look at other gps watches ranging from $50 to $500.  i would have like to get the higher end watch but for someone like me who just run for recreation, my tomtom is just fine.


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