back to the sideline...for now.

i woke up earlier today with a sharp pain on the outer side of my knee.  i actually had the pain for a week now but this morning was just on another level.  i know it's related to my running but being the stubborn person that i am, i refuse to believe it.  i can barely stretch my leg or even stand without holding on a desk or something just to get my balance.  walking from my room to the bathroom, i was like a really old man who glides rather than lifting my feet to walk.

**admitted then released....

i was glad enough to work near a hospital where i can have a check-up during my lunch break.  i told the Dr my story (i.e. being a runner), he did some little leg movement and advised me that i have an iliotibial band syndrome or ITBS for short or IT band pain.  he said that this is a very common injury for most runners.  he requested an x-ray just to make sure that there were no bone fracture.

i am glad that it's nothing serious but i'm just a bit bummed out the fact that i am sidelined - no running - for about a week.  currently i am in training mode and this is not helping me at all.

oh well, i guess i just have to relax for the DR prescribe.


  1. Hope you recover soon! Take it easy and rest well :)

    1. thanks zai. i can't wait to start running again. i need it bad. really bad!!!

  2. A week isn't so bad. I'd be glad if someone told me I could never run again!

    1. yes, it's not bad at all. i guess my body is just telling me to slow down. :)



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