if you want stress, buy a damn coloring book...

i was in barnes & nobles this weekend and saw the coloring book section (for adults).  i remember reading in a news article about the effect of this new hobby.  if my memory serves me well, it says that it makes you relax and a great way to de-stress.

**nice inviting cover right??

i purchase three books - one for me and two for my nieces (they are a big fan of coloring books - for adults).  anyway, i selected a random picture and within minutes of coloring, my stress level just went up.  i realized that this takes a lot of time.  

**let the suffering begin...

i looked at one particular section and i just lost it.  this thing will give me a headache.  who the #### can color this thing???  this is not fun.  this is punishment.  what was i thinking??? 

**thinking of happy thoughts..........who are we kidding, this is just CRAZY!!!!


  1. I just heard of this on Tuesday! They look so intricate, though. I prefer kiddie coloring pages at restaurants.

    1. yes, B&N has a section just for this damn horrible thing. i got lured by the intricate design and now I am ready to burn it. it is very stressful!!!! LOL!!

  2. I've read about the adult coloring book since last year. I prefer to draw and scribble on my own and color my own drawing. :D Mas nakakatipid ako! Hahahaha.

    1. i wish i can do the same pero i am not that artistic. i can only follow lines...or maybe color with numbers. :)

  3. nagkalat to sa bawat bookstore na meron dito! but yeah, i get the destressing factor. very child psychology.



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