2015 Chicago Marathon...

one item checked off my bucket list.  i can now officially call myself a freaking MARATHONER!!!

**the only reason why i would continue even i though i can barely walk or run after mile 20...
i decided to take a leap and put my recreational running feet to an actual marathon.  i got lucky earlier this year when my name was chosen in the lottery.  chicago marathon is part of the big six world marathon.  you also have tokyo, boston, london, berlin, and new york.  the only way to get in one of of these marathon is by lottery, by sponsorship, by fundraising, or be part of the elite marathoners of the world.  boston is one of the hardest to get into.  you must meet a qualifying time (or BQ as everyone in the marathon calls it).  even that does not guarantee a spot because of so many participants.  just to give you an example, for men in ages 18-34, you must complete a certified marathon on or under 3 hrs and 5 mins;  for women, it's 3 hrs and 35 mins.

anyway, i was not even sure if i would run.  last month, i stopped running because i had a typical runners injury - IT band pain (click here for my prior post).  since i paid for the trip months ago, i decided to go.  when i got there, i figured that since i'm already there and i was feeling okay, might as well.

i'm not going to say how fast i run but to give you an idea, the winner finished the 26.2 miles (or 42.16 km) in 2 hrs and 9 mins.  mine was twice that and more.  i'm glad i was running up to mile 20 because after that, i resorted to a run/walk routine.  i am not ashamed to say that since there were others (and i mean a lot) who were doing run/walk.

there is a cut-off time in all races.  for the chicago marathon, it was 7 hrs. there is actually a van that pick-up participants along the road who are running/walking but will not make the 7 hrs cut-off time.  i'm just glad i had enough cushion at the start so my time was way below the cut-off.

on a side note: on mile 17, my left thigh started to cramp; on mile 20, my right IT band started to act-up; both legs were in pain for 6.2 miles.

i can't wait for my next marathon....i just hope this time i'm injury free.  i wanted to get a BQ :)

**i think Nike should sponsor me at some point...except for the adidas leg compression sleeves.


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