christmas tree 2015...

so i finally set up the family christmas trees this past weekend.  i normally do it right after thanksgiving but i got a bit tied up during that weekend.

this year, i decided to go with all white/silver decorations with a touch of red for the real tree - a douglas fir.  my mom thought it was bare to look at but i told her that i prefer to keep everything simple and neat.

i can put more decorations but i'm not sure the tree can handle it.

glad to use these capiz ornaments that my mom bought from the philippines a few years ago.

for the plastic tree, same idea as last year, i decided to go with colors!!!  as my niece said to me, "do we have to make this look like last years tree like a unicorn vomit on it?"  i smiled and said YES!!!!!

this glittery peacock must be part of the decoration, as per my lovely sister...or else...

balls, balls, and more balls...



  1. I am really inggit with your Capiz shell tiny parol Chirstmas ornament.

    Merry Christmas, Mike!



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