living in metropolis...

**back alley of some buildings along the NYC High Line; taken 2015...

i was born and raised in a big city.  when my family transplanted to NYC, there was no culture shock.  i love the hustle and bustle.  moved me to a suburb and i'll tell you, i'll only last for a week.  i'm not sure what it is but i guess, i like the idea of having everything literally right out of my doorstep.

even though i've been living in big cities all my life, i'm lucky enough to live in a private house (rented or owned).  never have i've been a tenant of an apartment or a condo.

i found this very interesting article from new york magazine of people living above a business.  i'm not sure if i can last that long in some of them.  can you?



  1. I remember, a niece of my friend visited her in Ellicot City, MD. Her niece was born and grew up in NYC. One time she saw the neighbor from the kitchen window , and wondered why the neighbor was vacuuming their lawn daw. Hehehe. The neighbor was mowing the lawn pala.



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