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When is being skinny a bad thing???

People around me noticed that I've lost a lot of weight since the beginning of the summer.  Family members, coworkers, my boss, and running buddies are taking notice.  I don't see it but I don't weight myself so often.  So when I keep hearing the same thing over and over, I finally took the scale that's been collecting dust on the corner of the bathroom.  I guess it is true.  I lost a lot of weight....10 lbs since the beginning of the summer.  I have not changed my diet.  In fact, I eat more compared to before.  The only thing that changes was that I am doing more mileage when it comes to my running.

For the past few months, I  have been running 5 to 6 days per week and the weekend consist of of longer miles.  How many miles??  This past Saturday alone, I ran 18 miles or 29 km.  For the past 12 weekends, my Saturday run consist of nothing less than 10 miles.  On weekdays, I would run between 5 to 8 miles per day.  So yeah, I am running.....A LOT!

Over a year ago, my run would consist only 6 to 10 miles in total in a week.  Yes, you read it, a week.  Nowadays, that is just a one day run for me.

I guess it is also in my genes.  Neither my mom or my dad are heavy.  My dad in fact would be considered slim so I guess I got it from him.  Now, thinking about it, why no one told me when I was close to 200 lbs that I was fat?  Is it easier to tell someone that you are skinny than saying you are fat??  Would that be consider double standard??  At least my doctor and nurses would tell me that I need to lose some weight.  But they do not count since that is what I see them.  They see my blood work and they do remind me of my BMI on a regular basis.

As much as I don't listen anymore, it still bothers me since I'm reminded how skinny I've become.  In a few months when I stopped this daily running, I expect to gain that 10 lbs back.


  1. Oh how i envy you. i am too lazy to get up early, moreso to run. :(

    as to you losing weight,for as long as it is still healthy, don't bother. a lot like me would willingly trade places with you with respect to that issue. :)

    1. believe me, took me a while to get to where i am. running is a mind game.

  2. doing cardiovascular exercises, such as running/swimming, anything more than 30 minutes considered fat burning stage. The longer you run, the more fat you lose. Eventually it would start losing muscle too. Cardio exercise above 30 minutes is very catabolic. It loses more than what you eat to gain. Hence, it won't be surprised your weight keep dropping as you run for such distance. In order to gain back, you may want to start it slow by reducing the number of frequency of running. as long as it doesn't exceed more than 30 minutes that should be fine.

    1. thanks for advise. i am almost at the end of my training. after that, i will definitely cut back and keep it all in moderation.



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