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last friday, after finishing my only exercise, which is basically walking from 57th st to 42nd street, i decided to do something that i've never done before....take the express bus to go home.

normally i take the subway (6 train) which takes me about 45 mins. ride. it's not a bad travel time considering that most of the trains that i take are express trains...which means less stop. but as soon as i got to madison ave and 43rd st., i changed my mind and decided to try the express bus once and for all. luckily enough, there's a bus coming in at 5:45 (i got there around 5:40). i know that they take metro card but from what i can recall, the price is around $4 per ride (subway cost $2 per ride). as soon as i dip my metro card in the slot, i saw something like $5. when did they increase the price of the fare?? those bastards.

well the ride was what i expected, quiet, clean and i can atually take a nap without being interrupted by loud kids running around. but since i am a virgin to the express bus, i just decided to listen to my ipod and read this book that i'm trying to finish. the trip took about 1 hr. but i decided that i will do this express bus at least once a week.....maybe during fridays when i'm tired and need a good break.


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