doing the sanjaya..........

ok ok....i got the idea. why make fun on an american idol wannabee. well first all, it was friday and i had nothing else to do after work. called gel around 4 and found out that she just got home from jury duty (or what I call dudi dudi). i figured she wanted to go out but she's coming all the way from brooklyn so i did not insinuate for her to go to the city just to hangout.

by 4:30's, i was desperate to do something. called gel again and guess what, she wanted to go out as well. about 10 to 5, got a call from em....wondering what i was doing. told her busy at the moment (typical of me on a friday afternoon) and that going out with gel. asked her if she wants to come but learned she is going out as well with her old work buddies.

met gel at barnes/nobles - union square. we both decided to grab something to eat before doing anything. went to this filipino restaurant on 1st ave. and believe it or not, both us were thinking of doing the same thing afterwards - KARAOKE baby. gel can carry a tune and so do i. so both of use are not afraid to sing in public. especially when your drunk as hell. in any case, went to this japanese karaoke bar at st. mark's place. was there from 9 to about 11:30. before we left, we were supposed to do this duet. guess what? the music basically stop everytime they start it. gel needs to meet her man by midnight so we skip the last act and hit the road. got home by 1. i feel like i am getting to old for this partying.....but who cares, i am enjoying it.


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