my friend gel decided to get a haircut last friday after work. we went to chinatown where the salon was located. while waiting for gel, i decided to just sit on the corner and look at some magazine. but being the noisy person that i am, i can't help myself but to look around as well. the place was packed with mostly chinese customers (oh yeah, i'm in chinatown duhhh) and most of them are young guyz getting their haircut i guess before going out to party. looking at the magazine and the guyz haircut, i was kinda jealous and think of getting one as well. but one of my biggest question is that would work allow me to get a haircut like that. i know already the answer but what if......i am not getting any younger and this might be my once in a lifetime chance. but again, would i take the chance of being asked to go home and get a new hair cut...or worst get fired. in my line of work where i meet people on a regular basis and appearance counts, taking that risk is not worth it. mabe when i do change my career or get fired and can not find a work for a long period of time, maybe i will try it. but for now, i will stay clean and look neat.....geez.....


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