let get physical......

for the past 6 years, i've been playing on and off recreational volleyball. i am not new to the game. during my high school years, i try-out for varsity. but i always end up not pursing it. during my college years, they have this recreational v-ball for students who lives on campus which i finally decided to do.

i went last nite to the open scrimmage by bigcity volleyball. i did not play last season (spring). most of my teamates the season before that did not organize to play at all. the season before that, my original teammates just decided to take a break....it's been 2 seasons now that we have not actually played. i highly doubt that we'll play at all again. in any case, i went last nite just to have fun. it's free and no pressure.

now if i can just move my body from this bodyache........


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