it was a very weired day yesterday. first of all, i packed my stuff to join gel in her weekly yoga class. i wasn't feeling well but i figured that as the day progress, i will be ok. by mid-afternoon, i called gel to tel her that i am skipping the yoga class but i will meet her for the v-ball open scrimmage.

during the middle afternoon, i got a voice message from j. weired part about it was that j called my work number, not my cell. ODD...VERY VERY ODD. j said to call back ASAP. being the worried person that i am, and that fact that j called my work, i did call back. guess what, j wanted to have dinner that nite. ODD?? last time i had dinner with j was god knows when. this a trick??? i told j that i'll think about it and will call after the v-ball game.

before headin to the game, gel called to say that she is going home instead -- too sore to more. so i went by myself to the scrimmage. i have no intentions to play this season. scrimmage is free that's why i'm here. anyway, while i was waiting in one fo the four long lines to get into the court, this guy tap me and asked me if i am playing. he remembered me two seasons ago and he even mentioned my team name. i do not rememeber him at all (i was a bit embarrased)....anyway, he called one of his friend and when i saw his teammate, i told him that i know her. from there, we made a deal and all of a sudden i have a team this season..go figure.

after the game, i was still thinking if i should meet j for dinner. thinking, thinking, thinking. wanna guess what happened next???


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