miracles do happen......i think

today is easter sunday. a bit cold for this time of the year. usually the temperature should be in the mid-50's

anyway, after my mom dropped of niko to his mom in brooklyn, we scheduled to meet at the 59th street station at around 4 to go to home depot. we are trying to replace the ceramic tile in the kitchen.

i got there close to 3. i planned to arrive early since i wanted to do a little shopping. guess what, bloomingdale's is close. what a bummer. i decided to go the Levi's store. it's been 3 years since i bought a new jeans -- i am picky when it comes to the color and style. they only have size 36 and 34...the last time i measured my waist line, i'm 35....so i went with the 34. oh yeah, i do not try any clothes for fitting. if the size is wrong or it doesn't look good on me, i just return them.

went to zara...nothing. too european for me (no offense). just not my style. went to banana republic....nothing. too common for me (except for the khaki pants). went to H&M....nothing. well i should not say nothing. i just browse without any intentions of buying there at all. went to express men....nothing. too common like banana republic.

it's snowing by the time i went out again. snow in april...not too common. i guess winter is still here.

decided to see if my mom was already at the station. nope. not there. the only people on the station was a mom shouting at her teenage daughter for not swiping the metro card correctly on the turn style.

my mom arrived after 45 minutes. i was kind enough to waited that long or else.....nothing really i can do but wait. we went straight to home depot. showed my mom some of the ideas i have for the bathroom in the basement. she liked it but remodeling is out of the question for now. we found the flooring section and decided to look at the vinyl flooring section. with so many kids and adults walking around, vinyl is advisable. took a picture to see if the design that we found would match the whole kitchen motif.

got home around 6. on the way, my mom and i decided that the vinyl flooring looks very thin and would not last long. i've been suggesting hard wood flooring and you know what, she thinks that my idea is good. it's more durable than the ceramic tile that we have right now.

by the way, my new levi's pants size 34....fit perfectly well....miracles do happen.


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