should i or shouldn't i??

where to go?? next week is my b-day and i still do not have any plans. usually i go out with my friends for dinner. planning normally takes about 2 weeks -- deciding where to go that everyone will like (hey, they will spend the money, not i so i don't really care where). last year, we went to a very fancy restaurant around the meat packing district. this year, for some unknown reason, i am not eager to do anything with friends. what i've been giving my 100% attention is where to go?

first choice is atlanta, georgia. never been there so it would be great.

second choice is las vegas. been there, done that.

third choice is england. surprise visit my cousin.

just a few minutes ago, i was looking at dominican republic and costa rica.

what to do...what to do..........where to go......


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