the big day..........

it's about 6:30 in the morning right now and i should be at la guardia airport waiting for the plane to leave for atlanta, georgia. that was the plan. the other original plan was that i should be somewhere in middle america driving from coast to coast right now. all of that was cancelled. aaaaahhhhhhhhh..........what happened to all my plans. well first of all, the coast to coast thing will definitely happen somewhere in either late july or early august. and the georgie trip, well i realized that there's nothing much to do down there if i go. so spending $700-$900 for nothing would be a waste. i decided to stay home. question now is am i planning to go out??? hhhhmmm.......i guess we just have to wait and see......

by the way, v-ball season start last night. i joined a new team. well they're actually not new. i should say i am the only "new" guy on the team. i think i played pretty well even though i didn't play last season. most of my team member were saying "good work Mike". i was just thinking during the whole time, I need to impress this guys or else they might kick me out.


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