tired...very very tired

dear jo, dom, em, dylan, and nicky:

just woke up about an hour ago. yes, i woke up for the first time past 10 am. sad, very very sad. i was just so tired this whole week that i basically tried to catch up with my sleep this weekend (note to you: THIS IS NOT A GOOD HABIT!!!).

well what happened last nite. let see. j and i was suppose to watch the 10 pm showing of the simpson. but j got stuck at work. j called me around 9:40 pm to tall me that we'll catch the next showing (which was midnight).

by the time j picked me up, it was already 10:30. we stop by a pizza place in chelsea on the way down to the theather. yes, we travel outside our borough just to watch a movie.

the movie didn't finish until around 2 in the morning. i asked j if j is ok to drive. i figured that i should ask since j was literally snorring at some point while watching the movie (yes, j fell asleep). so basically i drove all the way home. driving at night makes me tired.....what can i say, i am a morning person.


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