33 is the new 3

dear jo, dom, em, dylan, and nicky:

today is your (dom, dylan, and nicky) dad's birthday. grandma made pansit and cooked some fatty crabs. from what i heard there was also an ice cream cake. i wish i can tell you more but this was only what i was told/managed to get a see. i worked until 7:30 today. yes, i stayed late at work on a friday night. what a life.

melvin i was told by mei (his wife/my sister-in-law) that he went out with his buddies. i guess drinking night again for them. hear we go.

today was also auntie geli's (my friend) last day at liquor bottle. she will be working for a packaging company beginning sept. 11...touche.

me, i just want to post a blog tonite before september comes in. oh yeah, there's nothing to watch tonight so no movie with j. for the first time in god's knows when, i did not see j at all. could this be sign???.........let's just wait and see.


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