dear jo, dom, em, dylan, and nicky:

so after my typing my last post for august (see below), i got a call from j. well actually not a phone call but a text message and i quote "what r u up 2". this was at 12:43 am. need i say more about the sign.

ok, saturday has become my rest day. no movies (which by now is friday) and no dinners. well after texting j in the middle of the afternoon of "what's up doc", i basically got a plan for the nite. no movies but dinner, yes.

we were suppose to go at this restaurant that i've been dying to go...Perilla. it was the restaurant opened by top chef 1st season winner Harold Dieterle.

by the time we got there, they were already closed (we got there around 11:30 and last seating was 11:15). i was a bit disappointed since i was dying to try it. we got stuck at this local bar/restaurant that serve crappy food. the place was nice though especially after a group of well dressed individuals showed up and literally sat next to us. looks like they just came from a wedding party. one guy actually took with him what looks like a table center piece (it was humongous).

after dinner, we walk for half an hour then headed back home.

j told me before dropping me off that labor day weekend will be in maryland with the family. i on the other hand will be stuck in ny....maybe fix the mess in my room (which by the way will never happen).



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