stuck in 2007.......but looking forward to 2008

dear jo, dom, em, dylan, and nicky:

the first blog of the year.....what to write??? hhmmm.....oh, now I know.

yesterday afternoon while i wait in line to go inside the abercrombie store in 5th avenue (yes, i will admit i was tempted to see if they have anything on sale), i called my friend emily to see if she is planning to do anything for new year's eve. she told me that she was heading home and do nothing at all. i was planning to do the same thing. i asked her if she wants to do something like go to a bar/club to welcome the new year but she had to go home to take care of her baby (she got a puppy for christmas from her boyfriend)....she can hangout for a bit but had to go home early. I asked what time and she told me about 4 pm. WHAT?? do i really want to have a drink at 4 in the afternoon and head back home before 6 pm and already wasted. I DON'T THINK SO. she slept last years during new years eve and i on the other hand was in the airport headin for my skipping this year is not a biggie.

ok, i've never done this before so i am crossing all my fingers and toes for this to work....NEW YEARS RESOLUTION:
1. go to the gym - i paid my annual membership since 1997 but i've been to the gym only 50 times.
2. find someone (can be a friend or a special someone) - i'm fed up with the drama in my life. i think i can write a tele-novela with my life story. this one though might be already in the works (YES!!!!!!!!!!!) NO JINX PLEASE............
3. get a new car - this is very easy to do but living in NYC, i don't see the necessity of having one.....and i refuse to be the chauffer again. done that for years and was happy when there was no car.
4. continue blogging - i enjoy doing this. keeps my friends and families all over world informed.......of course about me.
4. learn how to play the guitar - this is the one thing that i am not sure if I will be able to do. but hey, there's another year next year.


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