this is not pasta.......

dear jo, dom, em, dylan, and nicky:

we celebrated cheryl's (my co-worker) baby shower today @ work. i (or should I say) my mom contributed "pansit" (lo mein type) for the event. i know that they like it since i've been bringing the same thing almost everytime we have an event. in any case, the CEO of the company joined us. we are that close to him so it wasn't a suprise. but i was surprise by the comment he said to me.....and i qoute:

"Mike, tell your mom that she did an excellent job on the lo mein. Tell her that it was only thing that I ate".

WOW!!!! Is that a good thing or what!

We'll i told my mom about it and she was glad that my CEO and my co-workers like it. Should I say, you go GIRL!!!.


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