i need to buy a glove.......

dear jo, dom, em, dylan, and nicky:

going outside today was not fun. it's very very cold. from what i heard on the news, tomorrow will be much worst.

after work, i was suppose to go to the levi's store to return a pair of jeans that i bought two days ago. i originally thought it was on sale but it wasn't (false advertisement). i purchased a similar pair two before then @ macy's and it was 50 percent off. so i refuse to pay a full price when i can get it much less. but anyway, i was planning to do that but i decided to go to bestbuy to buy a new camera. i found one earlier last month at the same store but in thier SoHo store, not in 5th ave. they don't have so i went to the circuit city next door. YEAH!!!!!!!!! they have it on the display. after making a final decision of buying it, i was told that it was sold out. what a bummer.

anyhow, i decided to walk around and look for a glove. yes, i need a glove. my original fendi glove was either stolen or i drop it somewhere. so i am walking in the cold without any gloves. i feel so naked....and not to mention flippin cold.

I NEED TO GET A GLOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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