oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree.....

dear jo, dom, em, dylan, and nicky:

oh what a very busy weekend it has been. yesterday (saturday), i had to wake up early so that i can go to do my black "saturday" shopping - i know, i know...the term is "black friday", not saturday. what can i do, i had to work. so anyway, i went to toys r us to look for christmas gifts for all of you. took me about an hour to get all the gifts. not sure if i got what you expect as your christmas gift but as longs as i get something that i think you'll like, i am happy.

this morning, i had to wake up early again. this time i have to get the christmas tree. a yearly tradition that i normally do during the weekend after thanksgiving. i should have done it yesterday but shopping was more important.

the tree that i got this year is smaller than what i normally get (as per grandma, it's the right size). i guess it reflects on what is going on with the economy right now...everyone is trying to save. :)

i concentrated my whole morning on fixing the christmas tree (putting the lights on and the christmas decoration). this year, the motif is butterfly. enjoy!


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