2012 project...

ever since we bought our house (no more renting thank goodness) back in 2001, i never felt that i should decorate or make my space my own. maybe because i was young back then and decorating was not a priority??? the only decoration that i can admit of ever doing was painting the door frame blood red. why red? let me explain…

when we moved in, everyone decided to take the upper floors. i on the other hand fell in love with the basement. it has two bedrooms (each with small closets), a full bath, a kitchen, and a small living room. my only problem was that it was all white. i get the all white idea since basement tends to be darker but white walls and white tiles for flooring, it was just too much. i needed to add color, hence the red door frame.

10 years later, it still looks the same way the day we moved in. i feel like i needed to do something. i am not concerned about my room since i want that to be my last project. i want to start where everyone tends to hangout out. i know you are thinking the kitchen but you are wrong. i like the kitchen and i am not touching anything there one bit. i was more thinking of the living room. yes, even though it’s a small space, i need to make it inviting. and in order for me to do that, i need to get a good sleeper sofa. why sleeper sofa? although there is an extra bedroom, a sleeper sofa would be very useful if there is more than one guest. you just don’t know when relatives would come for a visit. everything will revolve around the sleeper sofa (i.e. side table/ottoman/lamps, etc). question now is where to get a good, not expensive, yet durable sleeper sofa. here are my options:

sleeper sofa - Umber from Target. cost about $700
henry sleeper from West Elm. cost from $800-$1,200

out of the three, i like the 2nd one. it is small but it is practical especially with the limited space i have. someone suggested ikea to me before but i rejected it. don't get me wrong, i love shopping at ikea but when it comes to furniture, it tends to last only for a year or so.



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