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wow. it’s been a while since i last posted here. just very busy at work i guess. anyway, i’m currently reading a book of one of my favorite author and read something that i though was very profound:

“it is with our faces that we face the world, from the moment of birth to the moment of death. our age and our sex are printed on our faces. our emotions, the open and instinctive emotions which Darwin wrote about, as well as the hidden or repressed ones which Freud wrote about, are displayed on our faces, along with our thoughts and intentions. though we may admire arms and legs, breast and buttocks, it is the face, first and last, which is judged “beautiful” in aesthetic sense. and, crucially, it is by our faces that we can be recognized as individuals. our faces bar the stamp of our experiences and characters; at forty, it is said, a man has the face he deserves.” - The Mind’s Eye by Dr. Oliver Sacks


  1. I love Oliver! He writes great books about people with rare and strange neurological disorders:)

    THe Mind Eye is all about vision, and how vision is really achieved in the brain.How brain damage can result in very strange vision problems even though there is nothing wrong with the eyes:) oh Mike! now all I want is to take a leave from work and re-marry Oliver:)

  2. @sunny-i love his works as well. i actually read most of his books. wish i went to a seminar he hosted here in NYC over a year.



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