if the shoes fit...

earlier this month, my sister and i went to our very first new york fashion night out. we noticed that most people are just out to enjoy the event and not buy at all. it’s weird since most store that we went to have good discounts. yes, it is a hassle to be walking around with big bags but c’mon, any discount is a good discount. anyway, one of the things that i bought is this new camper high-top dress shoes (aka mauro). i like camper since they are so comfortable and the quality is really great. this is basically my second camper – the one that I presently own I use only during winter time…question now is, when am i going to start using it?? or should just return it??


  1. @gasul-nice try. :) btw, might visit to SG. depends on relatives and friends.

  2. @gasul-sure. hopefully the last week in october. BTW - what's up with your blog? access required? secretive are we? :)



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