my once in a blue moon shopping…

got two things this weekend. first visited my friend louie aka louis vuitton main store at 5th and 57th street. got a bag for my cousin (special request). you thought it was mine huh. sorry but LV is not my thing (or anything for that matter).

since i was in the mood for shopping, i got this supra skytop shoe from bloomingdales. i was trying to call my inner justin beiber.


  1. Im not a fan of those Bieber shoes but they do look great.

  2. @glentot-not a big fan as well but my sister told me that it looks who am I to argue.

  3. I'm not a big fun of bieber shoes but LV yes:)My first LV is the pink scuba given to me by one of my VIP players who won a million dollars.

  4. @sunny-very nice. was thinking of getting a wallet but changed my mind the last minute. it's not really me.



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