ac360 is gay???...

you probably already heard, read, or seen on tv that mr. ac360 aka anderson cooper is gay.  if not, let me say it one more time, he is gay.  can we move on to my story now??  

so one of my co-workers earlier today called me and asked me if i knew that mr. ac360 was gay.  her boyfriend sent her a link to a news article detailing the "coming out" of mr. ac360.  my response to her was that it was old news - meaning she was one day late.  i told her that it was in the news since yesterday.  she was somewhat shocked.  she has tv crush on mr. ac360 (i think she does).  anyway, i told her that everyone knows about it.  now, he basically just confirm the truth.  she said she still has a crush on him and that next time i see him, to give her a call ASAP so she can introduce herself to him. :)

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i was reading an article on about this a few minutes ago and a portion of the article caught my interest and i quote:
Commenter Puddin wrote the question this way: "I have wanted to ask this question for a long time: why do people who are gay or lesbian, etc. feel they have to announce it? I have never heard a straight person do this. No one has a need to know!"
The responses, from fellow commenters, were varied:
• Jeff: "Because people ask. When people stop caring enough to no longer ask because it doesn't matter then gays will stop 'announcing it.' (coming out.)."
• wcbhwk: "Couple of good reasons. First, the more people who do this, especially prominent people in our society, the more others will understand that being gay is not that unusual. Second, and more importantly, through our close mindedness and repression, both tacit and direct, we have forced many of those who are gay to live this aspect of their lives secretively. It takes courage to be openly gay, even today. While that is sad, it is still reality. So by showing courage to come out publicly, it sends a message to others to also have courage."
**side note:  i actually have not met mr. ac360 personally.  i was crossing 6th avenue one day on my way to work when this guy on a bicycle literally crossed my path (not intentional).  i looked up and immediately i recognize the face (and the gray hair) - it was mr. ac360. i don't think anyone noticed it was him.  i figured he was heading to work which is a few blocks away from where i work.  


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