3 or 4???

after work last friday, i headed to my favorite barbershop on greenwhich village.  i noticed that it was not crowded which is odd since it's a very small shop that has a good following.  i guess i was lucky to arrive early.

once seated, i told the barber that i want a short haircut - sides and on the top.  the barber asked me if i want the sides 3 or 4?  i don't even know what he was talking about but i figured it has something to do with the cut.  i said 3 hoping that i made the right choice - which i did (whew).

after completing the sides, he went straight to the top.  while cutting my bangs, i noticed that it still a bit longer than what i would normally prefer.  i am not trying to get a military haircut or going for the spike look.  i was just trying to get a shorter haircut.  i asked the barber if he can cut it a bit shorter.  now here is the funny part about this conversation.  he told me that if get it shorter, it won't look good.  i don't normally get such advise but i like his honesty.  i told him that i am aware of **that.  i just thought it was still long and if he can cut it just a tad.  he said he will cut it but not too short so i agreed.  i'm just glad that the barber knows what he was doing and that he gives his opinion.  i the end, the cut looks great and not the ugly short hair.

**during my high school days, a part of the curriculum in order to graduate is military training class (known as Citizen Military Training or CAT).  it's for both girls and boys and it's often held on a saturday.  one of the requirements for the boys is to have a military haircut.  it was a shock especially if it's your first time having a very short hair (almost like no hair at all).  


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