about two years ago while reading a post of another blogger, i was intrigued on how to create photobooks?  i know for a fact that most people now a days don't print pictures like they used to.  either save it on a disk, a website, or who knows but never print them anymore.  anyway, i fell in love with the idea of creating my own photo book.

a week after reading the said post, i managed to create one.  i like the layout, the concept, the whole thing.  problem was that i was not sure if i actually wanted to order one.  i was saying to myself, why print a book with limited number of pictures on it when i can print the entire collection of pictures?  it just doesn't make sense to me.

fast track to october 2011.  the whole family went on vacation to Florida.  took a lot of pictures and the idea of creating a photobook came up again.  created one a week after the vacation but guess what, it never materialized.

sometime last month, while checking groupon, i noticed that there was an offer on photobooks.  it's from the same company where i created the most recent project and it's 70% off the price.  i figured since it's not that expensive, why not.  so with a bit of hesitation still, i finally ordered the photobook.  a week after ordering, i got it and the final outcome was a hit in my family.  they all love it.


  1. ARGH! I want my own photobook as well!

  2. @gasul - it's worth it. just needs lots of editing.



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