peekaboo. i see you...

while waiting for the traffic light to change on 6th ave. right in-front of radio city music hall today, this lady (probably in her late 20's/early 30's) riding a bike was trying to beat the light.  she was pretty, wearing a tank top and a very very very short skirt.  as she passed by from where i was standing, i looked at her and noticed something i'm not sure i'm privy to see.  this young couple standing next to me all of a sudden started laughing.  i got curious and asked them if they saw the same thing.  the woman said yes and she just keeps on laughing.  her boyfriend, also laughing hysterically, mentioned something about not having decency anymore in this world or something to that effect.  i joined the laughing while crossing the street and said to myself, only in New York.


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