this is my bronx...

starting today, i will start a segment here in my blog called "this is my bronx...".  it will be photographic view of the city where i currently reside.

why do it?  well outside the the borough of the bronx, people has this misconception that the bronx is dilapidated, dirty, and a very scary place.  people tend to remember only the "south bronx" of the early 60's and 70's when crime was high, empty housing projects, and so forth.  but that was a few decades ago.  also,  i can say the same thing about manhattan's harlem area or east brooklyn.  anywhere you go in this world, there will be areas that even today, you would not dare to walk alone during night time.  am i right or am i right??

on that note, i present you, this is my bronx...

there are plenty of trees on the street where i live...


  1. then I research the word bronx lol

    1. i hope whatever you read didn't scare you. LOL...

  2. Naging expression na nga sa office namin pag tinatanong kmi ng mga expats kung saan kami nakatira we always say sa "bronx" and now seeing this photo change everything!

    1. the bronx will always have its reputation...



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