is he for real???

as most of you probably know, i try to avoid posting here anything that deals with politics or news.  if i do, it's something that bothers me so much that i cannot help but actually say something.  

the main topic in most news channel this evening was the comments made by presidential candidate gov. mitt romney.  i don't know what he is doing but speaking about the "other 47 percent" will not help him at all with his election.

he even commented on the the women of the tv show "the view".  


  1. Let's see if he can fix the damage his words caused...

    1. he's been on damage control since he made that comment. not a good sign.

  2. yikes! his campaign woes are largely from self-inflicted wounds...

  3. I stopped watching and listening...too much drama.
    i vote pro life first, everything else has a lesser value than life.
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

    1. as much as i want to stop, i can't help it. it's what i see and hear when i wake up for the morning until i go to bed. i can't wait for this campaign election to end.



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