sin city...

oh my.  it's been over a month since i last post here.  am i going back to my old habits?  better not since i enjoy doing this.

anyway, it's been a very busy past few weeks for me.  let see, i was working, running, relaxing during weekends, working, running, relaxing again.  my usual weekly routine.  so yeah, i've been busy.  :)   actually this past month has been hectic.  work seems to be getting busier which is a good thing but i need a break every now and then.

**make way for ducklings statue @ the boston public garden

the whole family had a mini vacation this year.  unlike last year when we went to florida for a week and was stranded due to hurricane irene, this year we went for a day trip to boston which is about 3-4 hours drive from nyc.  after our boston trip, we had a relaxing trip to the beach the day after to unwind before the kids start the school year.

**my adorable nieces and nephews @ the boston public garden  

what else?  about a week a ago, i went to las vegas (a.k.a sin city) to hangout with my high school friends.  all of them are from the west coast (california) while i on the other hand was the lone east coast representative.  we had a great time and enjoyed reminiscing high school stories.  we are already planning to meet again sometime next year - going south of the border - mexico.

**my high school friends @ the cosmopolitan hotel, las vegas

**one of the very few tall trees @ red rock canyon national  conservation  area , las vegas
**on the left corner past the mountain is the famous las vegas strip.


  1. uy, namiss ko magbasa ng post! summary kung summary ang entry mo ngayon a.

    pero madami akong nakitang word na relax o relaxing. nagrelax din ang blog mo. haha XD

    1. i know. i can be very lazy about blogging if i have to but when i get that urge to blog, i'll do it everyday. go figure.



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