false advertisement...

i am a very picky person when buying clothes especially when it comes to pants.  i remember at one point of not buying a jeans for over 5 years.  yes, that's how picky i am.

in any case, i was saw these great dress pants yesterday at h&m.  the style, colour, and best of all, the price was great (cheap!!).  so i searched for my size and went straight to the cashier.

as soon as i got home, i tried the pants to see how it feels and looks.  i would have given it a two thumbs up but i cannot button my pants.  i checked the tag to make sure i got the right size - size 32.  call me vain but i know i am a size 32.  all my pants are 32.  i run 3-4 miles every other and completed a half marathon just last weekend.  i refuse to believe that my waist line is beyond 32.  they must have put the wrong tag to a much smaller pants.  yes, that's what it is.  just the wrong tag.

sorry pants but you are going back to the store.  :)



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