2014 nyc half marathon...

if you remember over a year ago, i volunteered with my running club - NikeRunNYC - so that I can get a guaranteed spot for this years event (click here to see post).

**this is the ONLY reason why I decided to run.  and to say i ran a marathon!!!
i run on a regular basis but to train for a marathon, even for a half marathon, you need to dedicate time.  i tried to start but a month ago, i felt this pain on my right knee (still feeling it every now and then) so i took 2 weeks off.  then about a week ago, i got sick - i had to rest.  that's three weeks of not running.  it was the worst preparation ever!!! i was contemplating of backing out but i got the encouragement from my running buddies to try it and take it slow.  so, being the dedicated runner that I am (NOT!!!), i went for it #justdoit.

in the end, i had a cramp on my left calf starting mile 5 and add to that pain on my right quadriceps by mile 10.  i was not a pretty sight to look at but damn it, i went straight for that white light.......i mean crossed that finish line. :)

**free jersey with my bib


  1. I can sprint 100 meters, and that's about it. I'm so impressed! Congrats.

    1. any type of physical activity is good so 100 meters is a good thing. and thanx for the congrats. now I am in pain :(

  2. ... and you did it! Good job, Mike.

  3. Congratulations, Mike! Well done! By the way, do you want me to send you some painkiller? ;)

    1. lol. my sister already offered...thanx though :)



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