hudson valley trip...

since the kids - my nieces and nephews - are off this yesterday and today due to the jewish holiday, the whole family decided to take today off and have a day excursion to the hudson valley area here in NY.  for us NY city residents, anything outside the city is the countryside.  yes, it might sound shallow but it's a reality.

anyway, we - meaning I - agreed to do take the hudson river sightseeing cruise in the town of kingston, ny.  took us about 2 hours by car to get it there but it was worth it.

the kids enjoy the break from the city while the adults just relaxed and viewed the scenery.

**still an active unmanned lighthouse...

**view of the dock area in kingston,ny... 

**old barge...

**one of the many mansions along the hudson will be mine someday :)

**the last wooden light-house in the hudson valley...

**kids enjoying the trip...NOT!!!

**well at least one of them did...


  1. I like the first lighthouse pic and the young photographer.

    1. i like the first one as well. the whole things was just perfect...

  2. wow that was beautiful. I always love those sweet little escapes we get from the usual things we do. it refreshes our soul, more than anything.



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