addicted to prints and colours...

as a follow-up from my post yesterday, i was determined to get more decorative pillows for my daybed.  went to a few stores but found only one (a pair) that caught my eye.

**decorative pillows from (l) home goods and (r) ikea...

on a similar note, one of the stores we went to was ABC Furniture.  for my NYC friends, this place is synonymous for vintage and expensive home decorations.  they do sell new products as well and i found this bathroom rug.  i just laugh because i remember doing a rug like this back when i was in grade school.

**this was a home economics project back in the grade school days...

**still pricey even if it was on sale...


  1. Hahaha. I remember doing a similar doormat/rug when i was in gradeschool.

    1. do you remember what you guys did after the project?? cause i don't. now i have a feeling they were exporting it and selling it for a higher price - child labor!!!! :)

  2. Replies
    1. nah. it's mostly white but i try to add colors on the accents...



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