after two long years of searching for a sofa bed (see 2012 Project post for details), i finally bought one.  technically it's not a sofa bed but a daybed.  what is the difference between the two?  a sofa bed is sofa that can be converted into a bed while a daybed is used as beds as well as for lounging, reclining and seating in a common room.

i actually discovered it a few months ago with my mom and sister while browsing around ikea.  at that time, they were out of stock.  after checking it a couple of weeks ago, they finally got it so i bought one.

i love that it's made of metal - which means it will last for a long time.

**love the bright colour of this throw pillow...also from ikea
**need to buy more throw pillows..


  1. Cool colors. I love the fabric section in Ikea, and I also love daybeds more than sofa beds. We use a daybed in our guest room with a trundle bed.

    1. yes, the lifespan of a daybed is more longer than a sofa bed...

  2. Love the colors:) how I wish we have Ikea here:)



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